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What is UKARA?


UKARA stands for United Kingdom Airsoft Retailers Association.

"UKARA was formed as a response to the drafting of the Violent Crime Reduction Bill in 2006 which later became an Act of Parliament.

UKARA is an association of UK Airsoft Retailers brought together to protect themselves from prosecution and enable a safe method of selling Realistic Imitation Firearms ( RiF's ) to the largest of the permitted purchaser groups in the UK, Airsoft Players."


You do not need to be UKARA registered to play airsoft at a site, however you will need to be registered to purchase your own realistic weapons from a retailer. If you are not registered and you purchase from a retailer, the weapon will be sprayed bright two-tone so it is clear it is not a real weapon.

How it works


Players must be at least 18 years old to apply.

You must play three qualifing games at the same UKARA registered game site over the period of 56 days, the third game on the 56th day  (2 months) or longer.

To apply for a UKARA membership number via our game site, please contact us prior to attending one of our game days or by approaching a member of staff on the day.

You will need to provide two forms of ID. Photo ID, such as passport, Drivers License, Military ID and proof of your UK address.

Once you have completed your qualifying games, we will upload your details to the UKARA database and issue you with your UKARA number. The system will automatically send out your membership card, this can take up to two weeks.

Dowload the UKARA Players  Validation Form

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