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Frequently Asked Questions

Drakes Island FAQs:

Q. Does Drakes Island have toilets?

A. Yes Drakes Island has two compost toilets.


Q. Is there a shop on the Island?

A. Yes, we take a small tuck shop out, selling hot and cold drinks, snacks. Plus, the shop will also have BBs, gas, pryos and a variety of airsoft accessories. The shop can take cash or card.


Q. Do I need to wear a helmet while playing?

A. You do not need to wear a helmet, but we recommend having some form of head wear on, to help protect your head from BBs.


Q. Where does the ferry depart from?

A. Most of the time we catch the ferry from the “Plymouth Landing Stage”, the ferry is privately hired, so if you miss your departure time, we may not be able to get you across to the Island.

If the departure changes for any reason, we will let all booked on players know in advance.


Q. Do I have to book online or can I walk on?

A. Due to restricted numbers on the Island and having to pre book the ferry, we can only accept online bookings for Drakes Island events. Tickets are bookable on our Ticket Booking page.

Q. Where is the best place to park?

A. The closest car park is Elphinstone Car Park, which is a couple 100 metres from the Landing Stage. This is a pay and display car park.


Q. Do you do kit hire and what is included?

A. Yes, we can provide kit hire, if there are kit hire spaces still available for the desired event, these will show up on the event booking page.

Included in the kit hire is:

AEG M4 rifle.

Hi-cap Magazine.

Safety glasses &/or full-face mask. U18s must wear the full-face mask.

1100 BBs (more are available to be purchased on site from our shop).


Q. What is the BB weight limit for the Island?

A. No BBs that weight more then 0.32g, please remember all BBs must be Bio-degradable.


Q. What is the FPS/Joules limit for weapon systems?

A. All weapons must go through our Chronos, the limit is 1.14 Joules for all systems on any BB weight. There is a conversion chart on the Airsoft Skirmish page.

Q. Can I apply for my UKARA membership playing on your site?

A. We are UKARA registered, meaning you can play on both our sites to work towards your UKARA with us. Please see the UKARA page on our website for more information on how to do this.


A full list of site rules can be found on the Airsoft Skirmish page.

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